Antique Cast Iron Shelving Units

There are 23 of these Cast Iron Shelving Units available

Each unit will come disassembled. 11 x components in each unit (3 x grills / shelves per unit)

There is surface rust but overall excellent structural condition. These can be bolted together to make long runs. 

£ 1450 per unit. As pictured, excluding contents.

Discount for quantity available.

JOB LOT OFFER;  Components for all 23 units £ 16,000. Sides frames and grills only. Does not include additional new steel ties.

Height 154.5 cm  (each unit)

Width 186.5 cm  (each unit)

Depth 42 cm  (each unit)

Weight 120 kg each


Price: £1,450.00

Provenance: Yes

Stock No: 23787


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