Early 19th Century Oak Panelled Room / Panelling

This panelling has been carefully removed from the dining room of a large house which is being demolished. The room has one pair of double doors, a single oak door and a further door of more recent manufacture, to the same design. There are decorative pilasters and ornate cornice to the top of the panelling. The frame for the double doors and single door opposite the fire surround are also available.

Reclaimed from the property of a Lord and Lady.

Please enquire for price, available with or without the stone fire surround

The room as pictured was around 4 m x 9 m

The overall height of the panelling is 247.5cm

Pilasters are 18cm wide and there are 9 of them.

The singular door frame has dimensions Height 229cm x Width 90cm

The Double Door frame has dimensions Height 229cm x Width 183cm

The total width 1,507.50cm includes pieces measuring: 145.5cm, 38cm, 36cm, 129cm, 75cm, 65cm, 114cm, 69cm, 93cm, 201cm, 201cm, 157cm and 184cm

The Fireplace section (between the pilasters) has Width 224cm.


Price: £18,000.00

Provenance: Yes

Stock No: 15160


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