Italian Romanesque Marble Mosaic / Pavement

Around 9 m2 in total. Condition varies from very good, intact panels, to small pieces requiring restoration and re-building. These are mainly in one foot square panels, the marble set into a cement matrix. Reclaimed from a building in the south east of England.

Outer boarder panels are each 30 x 15 cm. There are 23 complete and one corner piece (pictured)

The inner border panels are each 30 x 30 cm. There are 13 complete and parts for a further 8 panels. There are one and a half corners.

The panels pictured between the inner border and the centre tiles are each 30 x 30 cm. There are 16 complete and around another 14 could be rebuilt.

The centre panels are each 30 x 30 cm. There are 30 complete and around another 10 could be rebuilt.

Price: £5,750.00

Provenance: Yes

Stock No: 17169


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