1960’s Fitted Library Bookcase And Cabinets


Reclaimed from Wimpole Mews, central London. These were fitted into the mews house where the scandalous Profumo Affair took place. Reclaimed due to demolition of the building. Veneered tropical hardwood finish.

These are in good, used condition. They would benefit from re-finishing. Some of the units were set into corners of the room, so do not have faced sides.

A mixture of open fronted units and units with doors. Most with adjustable shelving. Three internal draws and a mirror lined cocktail cabinet.

These could be used in a variety of alternative layouts. Previously fitted to an open study / dining / living area.

Width (L –R) 86.5, 91.5, 84.5, 91.5, 84.5, 56, 56 cm

Height of base units 89.5 cm (units above 157 cm)

Depth 60.5 cm

Second unit H 84 x W 51 x L 218.5 cm

This is fitted with cutlery draws to the left hand side. These were custom lined for a specific set of cutlery, which we don’t have. To the right there are three doors, adjustable shelves to the inside.

For sale as one lot only

Price: £2,600.00

Provenance: Yes

Stock No: 16378


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