Reclaimed Art Deco Blue Vitrolite Glass Wall Tiles

Very rare Princess Blue Agate colour. Original 1920s material

A good quantity and various sizes available. We also have the more common pale green type available.

Salvaged from the bathroom of a very grand country property

The sizes available are: 108cm x 56cm, 58cm x 105cm, 38cm x 120cm, 73cm x 80cm, 53cm x 73cm, 58cm x 70cm 58cm x 58cm, 58cm x 58cm, 43cm x 60cm, 39cm x 60cm, 28cm x 60cm, 28cm x 60cm.

The total amount available is 4.5m2

£ 500 per m2


Price: £2,250.00

Provenance: Yes

Stock No: 16240


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