Very Rare Carved British Royal Coat Of Arms / Crest C. 1775-1800

This was most likely fitted to the inside of a government or judicial building. Carved from white Carrara marble, now heavily weathered the surface looks like York stone. This can be fitted to a steel frame to provide support and allow it to be used as wall mounted decoration.

Some background information;
Unification of England and Scotland, from James I accession to the throne (1603-25), following the death of Elizabeth I. This monarchical change saw the inclusion of the Unicorn as a supporter of the shield along with the English Lion. (1707)
When James I became King of England he also became King of Ireland, hence the inclusion of the Irish harp in one of the quarters of the shield.
The crest also features a prancing horse in one of the quarters, an inclusion that corresponds to the Hanoverian influence on the British crown during the reign of the Stuarts, beginning with George I in 1714, was later removed in 1837 with accession of Queen Victoria, who as a woman had no claim to the Hanoverian throne.
Motto of British monarchs; Dieu et mon droit (‘God and my right hand’ )
Motto of the Order of the Garter; Honi soit qui mal y pense (‘Evil to him who evil thinks’)
Carved lettering would appear 18th century.
Buckle; symbolises victorious fidelity in authority.

Height 79 cm
Width 102 cm
Depth 5 cm

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