A White Marble And Bronze Noonday Cannon Sundial With Terracotta Pedestal Circa. 1860

This sundial is by Louis Marie Arthur Chevalier (1830-1874).

This sundial is inscribed ‘CONSTRUIT PAR ARTHUR CHEVALIER PALAIS’. It is based on a noonday cannon comissioned by the Sun King, Louis XIV, for the gardens of Versaille. This minature bronze cannon is set off at noon by the sun’s rays, which are magnified through a lens.

This is an extremely rare type of sundial, having been primed with gunpowder, is designed to fire at midday as a result of the magnifying glass focusing on the sun’s rays of the fuse.

This item is sold as seen and is not in working order.


Height 113.5 cm

Width 66.5 cm

Depth  67 cm

Price: £6,750.00

Provenance: Yes

Stock No: 20492


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